Every Child has the Right to be Healthy, Educated and Reach their Potential

Update 2015

As of early 2015, Lao Kids ceased working with orphanage schools as we were able to encourage a number of other organisations to take on this work. We are very pleased that our energy and commitment has been taken on by other concerned groups.

The focus of Lao Kids is now the Luang Prabang Library, which you can read about here.

For a period of 14 years, Lao-Kids assisted at several orphanage schools with regular supplies of school uniforms, warm clothing, sleeping mats, blankets, protein foods, school notebooks, pencils, rulers, measuring tapes, woodworking tools, cotton for the weaving looms, garden tools, vegetable seeds, watering cans and soap.

We built a new toilet and shower block at one orphanage, and at another orphanage we re-roofed two of the older dormitories so they do not leak in the rainy season. We also raised money to buy furniture so that an orphanage could open a small high school in two of of its rooms.

One of the outcomes is that the plight of the orphanage schools has been significantly raised via our work. As a result, there are now a lot more people helping fund the requirements of the children. Various local individuals and organisations, and tourist groups, have been providing regular meals and clothing and school supplies to them. Some building works have also been completed by other individuals and charities.

With so many more people now helping the orphanage schools, the Lao Government has asked Lao Kids to concentrate more on libraries and schools. So that is where we have been focussing our work lately - trying to raise education standards in district schools.  










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