Every Child has the Right to be Healthy, Educated and Reach their Potential

Nambak Orphanage and Ethnic School is located in the northern part of Luang Prabang Province. The school averages 500 boarding students each year. 


Nambak is a trade school and teaches weaving, sewing, carpentry and building skills as well as the normal school curriculum. 

Nambak is also used as an adult education school where people from remote villages come to learn new skills to increase their earning capacity.

This enables people to sell skills and products to earn a living. The results of this are improved nutrition which leads to better health and thus to increased work productivity and the ability to work on their farms. It also enables parents to send their children to school. Earning as little as $6 a week is enough to move a family out of poverty.   

Lao-kids assists with school uniforms, warm clothing, sleeping mats, blankets, protein foods, school notebooks , pencils, rulers, measuring tapes, woodworking tools, cotton for the weaving looms, garden tools, vegetable seeds, watering cans and soap.

Nambak has a number of garden areas where students learn to grow vegetables and oyster mushrooms. In 2010 we sent up packets of vegetable seeds and they told us that they had grown 680 kilos of veggies from them!

Students sell some of this produce in the local market to buy meaty bones for soup. The rest go in the cooking pot.

Students have also built rabbit hutches and breed and look after rabbits. These are native Lao rabbits which are a great source of protein and do not need a lot of expensive vet care. Some are sold at market and some go in the cooking pot!

This year the Luang Prabang Government Orphanage School has just over 520 children, ages 5 to 22. Each child is encouraged to stay at the orphanage school until they finish High School, no matter what age they were when they arrived at the orphanage.

Recently the children have begun to be provided with two meals a day. Breakfast comprises a piece of bread and an egg, with fruit provided at least once a week. Lunch mostly consists of rice and vegetables, with a little meat every now and then.

The children have gardens where they grow the vegetables that go into the cooking pots. They also breed rabbits, some of which are sold to raise money for food, and some are used as food themselves.

Lao-kids raised the money to build rabbit hutches and buy the initial breeding rabbits. We arranged for a student from the local Agricultural college to teach the children how to breed and care for the rabbits. We also buy rabbit food as required when grass and vegetable offcuts aren’t sufficient to feed them.


We try to ensure that every child has sufficient notebooks and pencils so that they can do their schoolwork, plus soap, shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste and washing detergent so they can clean themselves and their clothes. We also supplement their diet with protein from tinned fish and yoghurt drinks.

As required, we provide basic medical supplies such as cold tablets, antiseptic creams etc, and mosquito nets, mattresses and blankets.

Over the past few years, we have built a new toilet and shower block for the boys and re-roofed two of the older dormitories so they do not leak in the rainy season. We also raised money to buy furniture so that the small high school could be opened. 

When we donate items to ANY children, we always give the same amount to each child. And we always ensure that a balanced range of items is given out at any one time.

If you want to donate directly yourselves during a visit to Luang Prabang, we can help you purchase the items to give to the children directly. The cost of these items is shown below.

If you would prefer to donate cash via this web site, please know that each little bit of money given to help soon adds up to a large amount!

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