Enhancing Reading and Computer Skills of Lao Youth

Laynou Sypaseut is a self motivated young Lao man in his late-twenties. He grew up in a small village in Botane district, Xayanboury province and moved to Luang Prabang to study in 2000. As a Lao person, he loves his country very much and would like to see it develop in the right way.  He is trying to help as much as possible and would like to see all Lao people get an education.

He loves reading and believes it is important because it helps Lao people to learn more about the world and develop ideas. 

As you may be aware, there are not many books in Laos.  The books that are available are quite expensive for Lao people to buy and there are not many places where locals, especially students, can borrow  books.  For this reason, it is still difficult for most Lao people to access books.

Laynou's aim is to collect books (mostly in Lao, but also in Thai and English) and let people borrow them for free. He hopes his small library will assist people to gain a better understanding of their country, and also help students with the research and reading required for their schooling.  He has mainly funded his current library of books and two old computers from money he earned washing dishes while he studied English in Australia.

He lives in the library where he generously shares the small living space with others in need. For example, recently a young COPE recipient who wanted to study in Luang Prabang and needed accommodation was warmly welcomed by
Laynou to come and stay for as long as required.

Laynou encourages students to come and read books in Lao and English and to learn how to use computers to do research and write essays.

Laynou wants students to experience the joy of picking up a book to read for pleasure and to read to learn…. to pick up a book and learn that stories can pass on history, culture and knowledge. 

Laynou also teaches English for which he charges a small fee and he lives on this small amount of money and pays his fees at Law College where he is a fourth year student. He helps teachers with their English and helps other students from the countryside to adapt to living in Luang Prabang.

During his last school holidays, the Law College funded
Laynou to attend a seminar on Human Rights being presented by the United Nations in Vientiane. He found the experience rewarding and enjoyed networking with students from all over Laos.

Laynou is a wonderful role model for Lao kids and should be given every encouragement in meeting his dream of education for all Lao kids.

Laynou wants to expand his library so he can have a dust-free room for computers, have more space for books, other resources and educational DVDs, and a room dedicated to English teaching. 

Laynou’s Library

Laynou and his library are  conveniently located near Souphanouvong University and the Law School, on the  Northern Highway on the left just past the end of the airport runway.

Please telephone before going as Laynou does attend classes.
Phone:   020 7786 1893
E-mail:  laynou2005.yahoo.com

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