As you can see from the other pages in this web site, Lao Kids continues to work hard to help Lao children gain an education through assisting the Luang Prabang Library and rural schools to provide children with text books and reading books plus other health-related items. Our aim is to help Lao children stay healthy, gain an education and reach their full potential in life. There are a number of ways you can help us achieve this:

    1. Make an Online Donation via PayPal

    2. Help Us Get the Word Out

    3. Visit the "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange in Luang Prabang

    4. Bring good used adult or children's clothing to Ruth in Luang Prabang

    5. Sponsor a Tuk-Tuk Library Trip

    6. Knit Baby Bonnets, Tops and / or Socks

1. Make an Online Donation via PayPal

The best way to help is to make a donation to the Lao-Kids PayPal account. We will then use the funds towards a Tuk-Tuk Library trip, assisting a student with their school text books or one of the other many ways we use funds. This process is completely secure and ensures your donation reaches us as quickly as possible.

For more information about how this money is used, please visit the pages in this web site that describe each of the various causes we support and keep checking our Facebook page for updates.

Step 1: Decide whether to make a one-time donation, or subscribe to a regular donation which will be billed to your credit card once per month.

Step 2: Complete the required information and click the PayPal button (below) that corresponds with your gift. You will then be taken to the PayPal web site where you can complete the details of your subscription or donation. Your donation will be immediately deposited into an account managed by Lao Kids.

All donations of US$ 25 or more are entitled to a Thank You Certificate (see below).

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Thank You Certificate

All donations of US$ 25 or more are entitled to a Thank You Certificate, signed by the Head Librarian of the Luang Prabang Government Library.

2. Help Us Get the Word Out

Please add your name to our mailing list so that we can update you on the various projects sponsored by Lao Kids, and also any special needs that may arise from time to time.

Please also make sure to visit the Lao Kids Facebook page as this is constantly updated with news and photos of the various work we are doing.

Please tell your friends, family, colleagues and associates about us and the issues facing the children of Laos. The more people we are able to make aware, the greater support we can provide.

3. "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange

The "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange is based at the Luang Prabang District Library. It is open whenever the library is open. If you are planning on visiting Luang Prabang, please come and visit the Book Exchange and exchange/buy a book, or just leave a donation. Just ask the staff at the front desk to help you.

Click on the map below for a larger version.

4. Bring good used adult or children's clothing to Ruth in Luang Prabang

If you have any used adult or children's clothing and/or shoes - and space in your travel bags - Lao-Kids collects these items for donation to very poor villages and these are distributed at each Tuk-Tuk Library trip. Just bring them to Ruth - ask for her at The Tamnak Lao Restaurant or follow the Cooking School signs down the lane next to the restaurant - and she will arrange for their distribution. (Refer to the map of Luang Prabang to see the restaurant location.) It doesn't matter how old the items are, as long as they are in good condition.

5. Sponsor a Tuk-Tuk Library Trip

If you are visiting Luang Prabang and would like to donate the cost of a complete book bag and its full complement of books, we can also arrange for you to join the Tuk-Tuk Library on a visit to a village. Please let us know well in advance so arrangements can be made. The book bag costs $US300 for the books and the cost of the hire of the tuk tuk and petrol costs.

Along with the book bag, we also send out sporting equipment, notebooks and pencils, soap and toothbrushes. The Library staff always do a health play about hand washing and teeth brushing, and teach the children how to use the sporting equipment. If you wish to donate everything the full cost is $US550.

Of course, you are welcome to sponsor a complete book bag even if you aren't visiting Laos. We are determined to provide as many books as possible to rural village scxhools.

6. Knit Baby Bonnets, Tops and / or Socks

If you are interested in knitting baby bonnets, tops or socks to be given to new-born babies, please see the knitting patterns in our July and December 2013 Newsletters (accessed from the Newsletters page of this web site).

Note that, as there are some issues with mailing items to Laos, please contact us by email to discuss the best way to get the baby items to us.

Thank you very much for your support.
Your donations go directly to support the children
and the work of the orphanages, ethnic schools and our partner charities.








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