As you can see from the other pages in this web site, there are many and various ways in which we try to help Lao children stay healthy, gain an education and reach their full potential in life. There are a number of ways you can help us achieve this:

    1. Make an Online Donation via PayPal

    2. Help Us Get the Word Out

    3. Visit the "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange in Luang Prabang

1. Make an Online Donation via PayPal

The best way to help is to make a donation to the Lao-kids PayPal account. We can then use the funds towards the most pressing need at the time. This may be a monthly delivery to the orphanage children, or assisting one of our partner charities with an immediate need. This process is completely secure and ensures your donation reaches us as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Decide whether to make a one-time donation, or a regular donation which will be billed to your credit card once per month.

Step 2: Complete the required information and click the PayPal button (below) that corresponds with your gift. You will then be taken to the PayPal web site where you can complete the details of your donation, including any particular instructions, if preferred, as to which group or item(s) you would like us to direct your funds. Your donation will be immediately deposited into the Luang Prabang Government Orphanage School PayPal account.

All donations of US$ 25 or more are entitled to a Thank You Certificate (see below).

Make a Regular Donation

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Make a One-time Donation

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Special Instructions

Thank You Certificate

All donations of US$ 25 or more are entitled to a Thank You Certificate, signed by the Director of the Luang Prabang Government Orphanages and Schools.

2. Help Us Get the Word Out

Please add your name to our mailing list so that we can update you on the various projects being undertaken for the orphanages, schools and our related charities, and also any special needs that may arise from time to time.

Please tell your friends, family, colleagues and associates about us and the issues facing the children of Laos. The more people we are able to make aware, the greater support we can provide.

3. "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange

The "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange is open from 10 am to 12 noon and then 2pm to 6pm every day. If you are planning on visiting Luang Prabang, please come and visit the Book Exchange and exchange/buy a book, or just leave a donation. The book exchange is located in the small laneway off the main road, opposite Villa Santi Hotel. Or ask at the Tamnak Lao Restaurant in the main road.

Also, if you have any used children's clothing and/or shoes - and space in your travel bags - Lao-kids collects these items for donation to the very poor Aka villages in Luang Nam Tha Province. Just bring them to Ruth at the Book Exchange and she will arrange for their distribution to the children. It doesn't matter how old the items are, as long as they are in good condition.

Click on the map below for a larger version.

Thank you very much for your support.
Your donations go directly to support the children
and the work of the orphanages, ethnic schools and our partner charities.

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