Some of Butterfly Children's sponsorship money is used to support deaf children attending The School for the Deaf in Luang Prabang. Attendance at the school is free of charge and the children are cared for, eat three times a day and go to school all week. There are 38 students and 7 teachers and other caretakers.
Sponsorship money is used to pay for transportation for the children (and their parents to accompany the children) to and from school at the beginning and end of the year. We also hope to send the parents to the school at the end of the school year for training in sign language. Travel expenses include transport from their village to Luang Namtha, overnight accommodation, and then travel to Luang Prabang the next day. This year, we also paid for a Lao/Akha fluent person to accompany the group.
Leila and Bryan recently spent the day with 4 of the children who are sponsored to attend this school. It's their first year at school and they all appear to be doing very well. All of them are Akha ethnic group. Few people in their villages are fluent in Lao (as they speak their own Akha dialect) and even fewer are literate! Sponsoorship of these children provides them with a wonderful opportunity to study sign language, Lao language and attend a wonderful school! Their future is much brighter with education and communication skills.

Nang Napi is 9 years old from Ban Sope in Muang Sing. She has brothers and sisters, including a 4 month old sibling.

Nang Seyme is 13 years old from Ban Houay Nacham in Muang Sing. 

Tao Tangsai is 8 years old from Ban Huay Longmai, Muang Sing. 

Tao Jyopmeue is 14 years old from Ban Namdummai, Luang Namtha.

After the visit, Leila and Bryan took photos and stories to the children's families so that they can see how their children are doing. The parents are so pleased that their children are doing so well!

Leila and Bryan work hard to inform parents about the importance of education for all children, especially children with disabilities. The parents of deaf children need reassurance that their children will be okay at The School for the Deaf, and able to learn valuable skills. 



Sharing Photos of Deaf Children with their Families

Some children are not allowed to attend school, but Leila and Bryan keep visiting the families to try to convince them. On their visits to the families of deaf children, Leila and Bryan sometimes take with them Tuseh (a successful deaf Akha student who has studied in Vientiane and is now studying in Year 5) to show them how he communicates with sign language, reading and writing in Lao!

Leila and Bryan have recently learned about two deaf children in two other villages. They may be good candidates for school next year.

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