Providing Reading Opportunities to Children in Rural Villages

This is a project run by the National Library of Laos.

Laos is still a rural community with many people engaged in subsistence farming. People are poor. Books are an unaffordable luxury. In many villages in Laos there are no books. Even in the school – if there is a school.

The Luang Prabang Public Library supports libraries and reading promotion in many surrounding villages. On the library wall are a number of "book bags", each of which has slots to put books into. People are encouraged to come and buy a Lao book which is on a stand next to the book bag, and then place it in one of the slots in the bag.

When there are 100 books in a book bag, it is taken out and distributed to village schools where both the children and the adults of the village have access to them.

The library, in cooperation with Cooperative Learning International also operates the Lao Children’s Library Boats.  These boats travel on the Mekong and Ou Rivers and bring books to children living in villages along the rivers.

Anyone can go to the to the library and purchase books for the book bags. They're not expensive - about US$ 2 for each book.

If you are not able to visit Luang Prabang and buy a book yourself, you can send a donation through our PayPal account and let us know it's for books - and we'll arrange to buy them for you.

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