Our Aim is to Improve the Health and Education of Lao Children and their Families

Lao-Kids has successfully operated for more than 20 years. The founders of Lao-Kids were a long-term Luang Prabang expat resident (Ruth Borthwick) and Laos “frequent visitor” Christine Seabrook. The construction and maintenance of this web site and the administration of donations etc. were all provided on a totally voluntary basis. This meant that 100% of all donations have gone directly to supporting the children.

Lao Kids worked for many years to provide health and educational items to orphanage schools, hospitals and rural village schools. 

Our initial focus was on orphanages and rural hospitals. However, in 2016 Lao Kids changed its focus slightly and began to concentrate on helping to provide text books, reading books and health-related items to children in rural villages of the Luang Prabang District. This work was done in conjunction with the Luang Prabang Library, coordinated by the Head Librarian Chantha Souliasack.  

Our Principles
The principles that we abide by are:
  • We have no salary or administrative costs - ALL THE MONEY RAISED goes to meeting the needs of children and their families.
  • We always discuss the needs of the children, their families and the village school with Chantha, to find out exactly what their needs are and to prioritize them for funds donation.
  • We never give cash - we always ascertain the needs and then meet those needs.
  • We DO NOT facilitate visiting or volunteer work at any orphanages, schools or hospitals. There is a problem with mutual language and there are issues around the privacy and protection of children.

Our Fund Raising
We raised funds in two main ways:

1. Book Exchange at the Luang Prabang District Library
The "One for One plus 20,000 kip for the Children" Book Exchange is now located at the Luang Prabang District Library. The Book Exchange is operated by library staff, with Lao Kids providing a supporting role to their efforts.

2. Donations Received via this Web Site
This web site was set up to try and raise international awareness of the plight of Lao children and their families, and 
support the fund-raising of the Book Exchange. By doing this, we hoped to ensure that sufficient funds were available all year long to ensure an ample and continuous supply of library and text books to children in all villages in the Luang Prabang District - no matter how remote the village may be. 








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